Civil and inheritance law

  • payment claims 
  • liability for non-performance and improper performance of the contract
  • protection of personal rights
  • protection of intellectual property
  • sales contract, including claims related to warranty and guarantee
  • usucaption
  • civil law agreeements
  • proceedings for recognition as deceased, confirmation and confirmation of death
  • inheritance law disputes and proceedings

Property law

  • proceedings related to dissolution of joint ownership
  • proceedings related to the usucaption of real estate
  • establishment and abolition of easement 

Family and divorce law

  • separation proceedings
  • divorce proceedings
  • division of joint property after divorce
  • arrangements regarding childcare plans and custody after separation or divorce
  • alimony cases

Corporate legal services

  • support in drafting, negotiating and evaluating trade agreements 
  • legal representation of corporate entities before courts, government and administrative bodies
  • legal assistance in the field of employment law
  • assistance in negotiations with corporate clients 
  • day-to-day legal services
  • support in implementation of corporate regulations

Employment law

  • providing legal advice in the field of labor law
  • creation and implementation of internal regulations in workplaces
  • claims arising from or related to employment
  • conducting proceedings related to remuneration for work and other workers benefits
  • conducting proceedings in the field of occupational health and safety

Corporate law

  • registration of new legal entities
  • legal due diligence of companies
  • providing assistance in legal and commercial aspects of day-to-day business operation 
  • support in drafting, negotiating and evaluating corporate agreements
  • legal assistance during shareholders meetings
  • developing pledge agreements and registered pledge agreements on shares or stocks of companies
  • handling share capital increases 
  • support in the process of merger, division and transformation of companie

Real estate

  • legal advice on the purchase, sale and use of real estate
  • analysis and determination of the legal status of real estate
  • advice and participation in negotiations on all transactions in the field of trading real estate
  • drawing up civil law contracts related to real estate transactions
  • analysis, evaluation and negotiation of contracts with developers
  • preparing analyzes of the legal status of real estate

Compensation and redress

  • property and personal damage claims related to traffic accidents
  • personal redress claims
  • warranty and guarantee proceedings
  • claims for compenstation related to construction contracts

Regulated market - liquid fuel

  • assistance in proceedings related to obtaining a concession or licence for trading on regulated markets
  • analysis and advice on legal acts regulating liquid fuels market
  • import and export of liquid fuels
  • representation of our clients before administrative bodies governing polish regulated markets