Our Team

The law firm of attorney-at-law Malina Tarczyńska – Kubiak for over 17 years delivers legal services to broad range of business entities including capital and private companies operation in regulated markets, as well as individual clients.

We cooperate with attorney-at-law Dawid Juśkiewicz and notaries, audit and consulting firms as well as tax advisors and reveicers offices to provide our Clients with comprehensive services.

Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience gained over the years of cooperation with broad range of entities, thanks to which we provide a full assistance across various areas of law according to our Client needs.



Malina Tarczyńska-Kubiak

Fields of expertise: corporate law, labour law, fiscal penal law, civil law

About me:

Since 2005 a member of Łódź Bar Association (Okręgowa Rada Adwokacka w Łodzi) as an attorney-at-law (Adwokat). Experienced in cooperation with broad range of business entities including companies operating in regulated, liquid fuel market and entities from chemical and automotive industries.

She advised in the sale transactions of companies. In the field of legal assistance for individual clients, specializes in civil law (including family and guardianship law, divorce and alimony disputes), commercial law and labour law. Represents Clients during compensation cases and in commercial criminal cases.


Dawid Juśkiewicz

Fields of expertise: civil law, corporate law, labour law, administrative law

About me:

Attorney-at-law (Adwokat), admitted to Łódź Bar Association (Okręgowa Rada Adwokacka w Łodzi). Graduated law at Uniwersity of Łódź, Faculty of Law and Administration. Through his studies and as attorney trainee he combined the acquisition of substantive knowledge with practice in local law firms.

In his professional practice he gained experience in providing business entities with day-to-day legal assistance, including companies from liquid fuel market, expanding his knowledge and experience in corporate, company and administrative law. He provides legal advice to individual clients, mainly in fields of civil and family law. He is interested in commercial contract law, copyright law, as well as the law of new technology.

Trainee attorney

Patryk Kaźmierczak

Specializations: Family Law, Criminal Law

Fields of practice:

After graduating law at Uniwersity of Łódź, Faculty of Law and Administration admitted to Łódź Bar Association (Okręgowa Rada Adwokacka w Łodzi) as attorney trainee. Since 2022 a member of Polish Football Federation Social Dialogue Chamber.

Gained his professional experience by cooperating with local law firms specializing in commercial law, in particular in providing legal services to business entities, as well as providing services to individual clients, in particular in the field of compensation and redress. In his practice, he also cooperated with football clubs from the Polish Ekstraklasa and Polish First League, providing support in the field of sports law, including evaluation and drafting of transfer agreements and football contracts.